Your budget

Ok, put the kettle on and take some time out. We’ re going to explain everything about money and time saving.

Honestly, you cannot/would never be able to get a website for 50, it would be unheard of.. On the other hand, does it make sense to invest thousands of euros in a website? If you were a big company, you would probably do it. But as long as you are freelance, an artist, a small entrepreneur, a small “whatever”, you might consider how to get a good result with a reasonable budget. Is that possible? Yes it is, and we are here to help!

Ok, “Help” means….

“Help” means that we offer our expertise in order to avoid wasting a (significant) amount of money, and there are many ways to literally throw your money away when it comes to websites and web services. Lots of services are free of charge, or just cheap, but you must know “who, when and where your services are coming from”.

“Help” means that we prefer to spend a little time talking with our customers and understanding their needs. Everyone is different, you might need a simple website, or just a landing page. So, first things first: we understand that every case is unique. Besides this, every now and then we offer a big discount for a limited period.

So we suggest subscribing to our mailing list in order to receive special offers and get the opportunity to save money.

Discounts and special offers? Please keep me updated!

Your first question 

However, we know your first question will be “how much?”. Ok, so here is the good news: You probably won’t spend more than €1000, and this price normally includes the domain name and the hosting plan for the first year (it will be more or less €60 per year, by a third-part company).

Most likely you’ll get a whole website for much less. Even a simple landing page, which is the cheapest choice, might perfectly match your needs. It all depends on the number of hours we have to dedicate to media editing, preparing graphics, texts, translations and so on. That’s why it is generally difficult to set an estimate. As we said, we need to talk.

Other services

There’s a simple equation: beautiful images = a beautiful website. We strongly recommend making an accurate selection of your pictures, logos and any image you may want to include in your website. But we understand this might be difficult. So, once again, we are here to help.

We can count on a small community of media editors, sound engineers, graphic designers, photographers, artists and so on, capable of doing everything and more, ensuring a professional result. Prices? Absolutely affordable.

So, feel free to contact us by email, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, phone call or even a carrier pigeon. Take a few minutes and explain your needs. You’ll save time, money and get a first estimate – free of charge and with no obligation. Could it be any better?